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4 Tips on Starting Your Book

How to Catch the Attention of Readers

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  • Start with action!

    • Begin the first page of your book with action, and not a long passage of background story that does not advance the plot. If possible, start the action with the first sentence.
  • Rapidly introduce a problem that has to be solved.

    • A problem for your main character is the heart of the story. By getting to the problem on the first page, you will pull the reader into the narrative and spark some interest in what happens next. It doesn't have to be the main theme of the novel but involving the reader with some problem for the character is a good beginning.
  • Advance the story

    • Your novel's plot should be moving forward from the first chapter and first page. Make the reader want to know what happens next. Don't get bogged down with too much detail yet. You can always flesh out the background later.
  • Give some details about the character.

    • The book will be more compelling if you sprinkle in details about the character who is encountering the problems that you just introduced. This can make the readers identify with your character and want to know more. Don't go into a long background of the character but do add some information about him/her.
Put some effort into carefully crafting the first page of your book as this is the introduction to the readers of your characters and story. Grab their attention quickly and make them want to turn to the next page!

In addition, the Amazon preview link on your book's sales page allows the shopper to preview the first 10% of your book. You want to engage the reader as soon as they start reading the preview to have a better chance that they will hit the button to buy it.

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